Hand using laptop with forex chart on screen. Fund management concept

We have create this SICAV-SIF hosted platform to allow our Client asset managers to focus on their core competence of portfolio management without getting involved in time-consuming risk management, valuation and administration tasks. Oversight functions can also be outsourced and transferred to an AIFM.


The Company’s purpose is the investment of the funds available to it in securities of all kinds, as well as any other permissible assets, with a view of spreading investment risks and enabling its shareholders to benefit from the results of the management thereof.

  • Asia Top Picks sub-fund
  • Incrementum Private Capital sub-fund

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LS Opportunities Fund SCA SICAV-SIF

The Company is an umbrella fund and as such provides investors with the choice of investment in a range of several separate Sub-Funds, each of which relates to a separate portfolio of assets as permitted by law with specific investment objectives.

  • Frontier Senior Income
  • UK Equity & CFD

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