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Global Dynamic Opportunities 10+ UCITS


This sub-fund has an absolute return target aiming to generate a positive return of 10% annualized on invested capital over the period of a business cycle (3 – 7 years) by shifting among asset classes and by selecting appropriate investments whereas the timing of the investments is a crucial factor. However, there is no guarantee that this target is reached or that there will be a positive return over any given time frame.

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Northern Star MG Relative Value SIF


The objective of the Northern Star MG Relative Value Fund is to generate long term capital growth by investing in a variety of commodity markets worldwide by using a dynamic investment approach which is focused on active volatility investing and therefore less dependent on market trends. The aim is to enhance the expected long-term return by applying volatility research on top of the seasonal analysis.

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Please contact info@northern.fi for further details


Frontier Senior Income SIF

The objective of Frontier Senior Income is to generate high risk-adjusted income consistently by investing in a variety of markets worldwide, using a dynamic investment approach based on the rigorous macro and company analysis. The aim is to enhance the expected long term return by fundamental company analysis and instrument selection.
The Sub-Fund shall mainly focus on fixed income loans and corporate bonds. It may also opportunistically, and on an accessory basis, invest in privately traded debt and equity instruments or in investment funds pursuing the same objective.

Please contact info@limestone.eu or fund investment adviser Thales Investments at info@thales.investments for further details.


Spong Fund SIF

Private family investment vehicle

Please contact appointed investment manager Northern Star Partners info@northern.fi for further details



In addition to current clients, the following 3rd Party fund umbrellas and funds are in the launch process:

  • Replacement of current AIFM for Swedish Real Estate developer with existing SIF-fund and aiming to launch second fund by the end of 2019
  • Establishment of private SIF umbrella for UHNW Family with two sub-funds investing in listed assets and private equity
  • Establishment of a real estate SIF sub-fund for UK based asset manager in LIMESTONE’s hosted solution, followed by a hosted UCITS sub-fund fund later in 2019
  • Establishment of a FinTech fund under LIMESTONE’s existing hosted SIF-umbrella for British-Swiss origin team
  • Launch of a hosted RAIF solution targeting the trade finance sector for an experienced Swiss Manager