Limestone Platform is a management company, regulated by the Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority.

We provide the overall mandatory directorship and management company services to fund promoters seeking to launch their own regulated investment vehicle. The directors supervise the fund and remain liable and accountable, despite the regulatory function of Limestone Platforms as management company.

As your designated fund management company, Limestone Platform will be responsible for the overall management of your investment vehicles. The management company can delegate portfolio management to investment managers and take advice from investment advisors.

“The delegation model of fund management, whereby investment vehicles or their management companies appoint third party investment managers and advisers, many of whom are located outside Europe, has become increasingly common in the European context in recent years, in particular with respect to funds authorised as UCITS.” Source: Alternative Investment Management Association

For further reading here is link to Deloitte paper “Third-party Management Companies. A new governance model?”.