Address: 11-13, Boulevard de la Foire


Peter Engelberg

Peter Engelberg – CEO and founder of Tribeca Consultants S.A., entered into a partnership with Limestone in order to develop the potential for growth in Luxembourg and to support investment managers in their search for optimal fund structuring and setup solutions.

Peter holds a Master’s degree in Law from Lund University, Sweden, and a diploma of studies in International Management from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

phone: +352 661 45 88 00

Jean-Louis Frey

Jean-Louis Frey has a managerial expertise as Director and authorized manager of Monterey Asset Management S.A. and as CEO (gérant) of a real estate company in Luxembourg. His expertise further stems from running private equity- and investment funds as well as from working within the fields of accounting, insurance, audit, finance, operations, and risk management. Jean-Louis holds an MBA from Ecole Supérieure de Gestion in Paris.

Phone:  +352 661 45 88 10