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Antonio Thomas, Branch and Asset Manager

Antonio Thomas is a widely recognized fund management professional in Luxembourg and frequently seen as a speaker in various events and panels in the industry’s highly reputable conferences. Antonio has worked within the sector since 1989 and has a remarkably wide experience in fund management industry. Mostly Antonio is known from his Director of International Fund Operations of F&C Asset Management Ltd until 2006 as well as from RBC Fund Services and RBC Luxembourg where he was in the positions of Managing Director and Chairman until 2014 before joining ManagementPlus S.A to become a Partner and Conducting Officer. After his time in ManagementPlus he changed to Nevastar Finance S.A. In both of the latter positions Antonio was leading setting up and developing a Luxembourg based Management Company into a real 3rd party ManCo business.

Mobile: +352 691851138
Skype: antonio.thomas66

Eric Grenouillet

Eric Grenouillet, Risk and Compliance Manager

Eric Grenouillet has worked over 15 years within the asset management industry after graduating in 2002 from the University of Nancy. Eric was a Managing Director of Bellatrix Investment S.A. for seven years, which offers asset management and fund administration services before joining to Orionis Management S.A. The company is specialized in providing fund admin and reporting services to asset managers. Through Orionis Eric has several Director and Conducting Officer mandates with different Fund Management Companies.